Oils And Fats Processing

As biodiesel gains more and more importance as an attractive fuel, the price and availability of choice feedstock will become less available and more expensive. Resulting in more frequent use of lower cost, poorer quality oils and fasts implemented in the production of biodiesel fuel. Treating these oils prior to the manufacturing process of biodiesel is crucial to overall costs of production and the quality of the end product biodiesel.

SRS is dedicated to offering the latest technologies and processes to solve the ever changing feedstock quality and availability. By analyzing each of our client’s needs individually, SRS can target the exact technology to process your incoming oils and fats (feedstock’s). Whether using Oil Distillation proves beneficial to your application or utilizing Degumming and Bleaching is more suitable to your processes, SRS can help your team determine the best technology to achieve your best end result.

Hindustan Biofuels specializes in feedstock pretreatment (High FFA pretreatment). SRS’ team of biodiesel engineers understands what it takes to run a profitable biodiesel plant, providing you with their proprietary FSP-Series pretreatment system which allows your plant to incorporate high FFA feedstock and maintain profitability.